Who is Kerala Tattoo Artist Sujeesh? Arrested Under 6 Sexual Assault Cases

Among the various headlines, there is shocking news. A Kerala Tattoo Artist Sujeesh has been arrested due to the $exual assault. There are 6 cases over the man and shocking for all the people. As per the details, a claimed that he raped her by holding a tattoo needle to her spine. It is extremely shocking for humanity and how he did this shameful crime. Here is the complete detail that you are looking for like Who is Kerala Tattoo Artist Sujeesh his wiki age pics video and all. Let’s find out all the information briefly and get the details.

Who is Kerala Tattoo Artist Sujeesh? Arrested Under 6 Sexual Assault Cases

Who is Kerala Tattoo Artist Sujeesh?

As per the reports, he is a popular Kochi-based tattoo artist and popular for his work. Now Sujeesh has been arrested in 6 cases assaulting women sexually. The Kerala police arrested this man on March 6, 2022. There are several allegations that police has disclosed allegations of rape, sexual assault, and molestation made by at least 6 women – all his former clients.

Initially, the complaint has been filed after the social media post of an 18-year-old woman went viral, recounting her horrendous experience at the Sujeesh PS’s tattoo studio – Inkfected Tattoo Studio.

The woman revealed that she was raped while the tattoo artist Sujeesh was tattooing and holder a needle on her spine. But she has not filed the complaint and the information disclosed by the police. However, the case appeared in the highlight when other women also recounted the sexual abuse from the same tattoo artist. On the basis of details, the man assaulted women sexually for the last few years. There are several statements available on the internet that you can read. Now let’s move to the other details which are also important to know.

As we know, many people looking for the Kerala Tattoo Artist Sujeesh age. Then we want to tell you that there is no such info available right now. When the details come to our knowledge. We will add the information soon. For further latest news stay tuned with us and get all the important updates here without any delay. Stay tuned with latestfeedtv.com


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