BARC Ratings Week 5 2023 9th February Data Insights TRP List Top Serials

The world is crazy to get information about the Top channel TRP ratings this week. But, Do you know? Barc India provides all such data with a lot of hard work. Here is the data of Barc Ratings Week 5 2023 9th February which is likely very interesting for you. The available stats will tell you which serials and channels achieved the highest TRP in the latest week’s insights. Hopefully, this will give you brief information on different genes and languages. So, read the information briefly if you don’t want to miss any detail about the performance of your favourite show in the latest reports. Read more latest entertainment news on our website.

Barc Ratings

Barc Ratings Week 5 2023 February Data Insights TRP List

Undoubtedly, countless people wait for this weekly report so they can see the top-performing shows. This Barc Ratings report includes the name of shows, and channels with different languages, and genres. As we all know, there are some tv channel brands like Star Plus, Sony Televisions, Zee Tv are the king among other channels. But for the last few years, there are some new competitors in the television industry. Now the audience has a huge list of shows with great entertainment. After analyzing and collecting accurate TRP ratings Barc India released this available Barc Ratings Week report with an updated list of shows. This report takes almost a week as the organisation said on its website.

Currently, BARC India is managed by Punit Goenka. He is the managing director & CEO of Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEE) recently, elected as the new chairman of TV Viewership measurement company. Generally, everyone watches random shows but Barc India provides us with the best and most popular show of the recent week. This gives us an idea about the new latest shows.

Barc Ratings Urban Hindi Top 10 Channels:

Rank Channel Weekly Data
1 STAR Plus
2 Sony Sab
3 Colors
4 STAR Utsav
5 Sony Entertainment Television
6 Zee TV
7 Sony Pal
8 STAR Bharat
9 Colors Rishtey
10 Dangal

Barc Ratings Rural Hindi Top 10 Channels:

Rank Channel Weekly Data
1 STAR Utsav
2 Zee Anmol
3 Colors Rishtey
4 Sony Pal
5 STAR Plus
6 Dangal
7 Sony Sab
8 The Q
9 Zee TV
10 Colors

Top 5 Urban Programs This Week Ratings Top Serials:

Rank Channel TV Shows Weekly Data
1 STAR Plus
2 STAR Plus
3 STAR Plus
5 Sony Entertainment Television

Top 5 Rural Programs This Week Ratings Top Serials:

Rank Channel TV Shows Weekly Data
1 STAR Utsav
2 STAR Utsav
3 Zee Anmol
4 STAR Plus
5 STAR Plus

The amazing part is that, even after the huge data Barc India continuously proves the latest Barc Insight every week. It is an appreciable thing for them and after great hard work, they present the best details to their audience. Here the information is completed but even if you have a query regarding the Barc Rating Week 5 2023, Barc Ratings, Latest TRP Ratings, and any other query so please let us know in the comment section. It is absolutely free and we eagerly waiting for your queries and feedback.

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